Regain your body’s natural strength and flexibility with massage therapy in edmonton

Our bodies are records of every experience we’ve ever had. They harbor all the repercussions of the cuts, bruises, and bumps we’ve ever had the misfortune of facing on our journeys. For many of us, the hits we take along the way need professional help to heal properly.

As a leading massage therapy and chiropractic center in Edmonton, we can tap into the body’s natural self-healing abilities to revitalize your body and mind. Our therapeutic massage techniques can help relieve painful symptoms and reduce stress for various age groups, including senior citizens and infants. Our professional massage therapy can also help provide support for strains, sprains, tears, pulls, overuse syndromes, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

To make your experience at Action Chiropractic & Massage as therapeutic and stress-free as possible, we provide direct billing massage therapy. We understand that it can be quite a hassle to wrangle with your insurance provider for reimbursement; that’s why we bill your provider directly. Kindly bring your insurance card with you for your appointments.

Regain your body’s strength, flexibility, and youthfulness with our registered massage therapy specialists! Book an appointment for direct billing massage therapy today in Edmonton.


We believe in the power of the human body and that everyone should invest in their physical and mental wellbeing. Through a range of services, we will help you regain control of your body and take charge your life!

Encourage healing, flexibility, mobility and functionality to return to your muscles and joints and feel rejuvenated.

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Our Testimonials

Sarika is the Best!!!! All staff are awesome 🙂

“After my accident, I was bound to my bed, unable to walk or move without crippling pain. Anna Weber’s massage therapists helped me walk again. Still a long way to go, but I’m further than I ever was!”
Martin P.

“I’ve struggled with a frozen shoulder and neck stiffness for the last 5 years, making my life as a schoolteacher incredibly difficult. Regular therapy and guidance at the clinic helped me control the issue immensely.”

Katey Q.

“Since giving birth to my son, my back has never quite been the same. Thankfully, I’ve worked closely with Anna and her team to build low back strength and improve my flexibility. I’m able to play and enjoy a lot more with my baby boy thanks to them!”

Jessica T.
They Have Made My Life So Much Easier Thanks to Dr. Chan and the staff for making me feel comfortable and they have made my life so much easier. They really listen to what I have to say and understand what needs to be done to improve my life. Thank you very much.
Donna H.
Dr. Chan, you are a good listener, an essential attribute for a practitioner in the medical field. I was truly impressed by your featured biography, particularly as it relates to your reasons and motivation to become a Chiropractor. You are a man of action with respect to your practice. I am looking forward to my appointments next week. I am confident that I am on my way to recovery under your care. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me prior to actual treatment.
Confident to Recovery
Pain Virtually Vanished I am shocked by the results I am experiencing. My back pain virtually vanished 3 days after my first visit!!!! It was so powerful I didn’t think I needed to come back until the pain returned. I am currently on a treatment plan and I’m very hopeful for a pain free future. Thanks Dr. Chan!!!
Brad S.

Instantly Felt a Difference This was my first ever chiropractor appointment and I am very happy with the progress so far. Instantly after treatment I started to feel a difference in pain levels. I can’t wait for my next appointment to continue treatment!

Melissa M.
Comfortable Experience I’m thankful for the kind and attentive staff that made the experience as comfortable as possible. I’m more than happy to refer family and friends alike, thank you.
Shea L.
Delighted I was in pain and feeling a little fragile. My first visit was healing and reassuring. I have recently moved to Edmonton, leaving my previous wonderful chiropractor back in Winnipeg and so I am delighted to find the same care here that I left behind.
Martha B.
Feeling So Much Better I was very uneasy about it at first because I heard some ridiculous stories about what harm might potentially happen, but the whole team listened to my concerns without judgement and addressed them with knowledge, humor and compassion. I am already feeling so much better!
Trudy C.
Compassionate and Caring I was looking for a chiropractor I could trust. I found Dr. Ken though the internet. I went in barely walking and in lots of pain. He was very compassionate and caring and very gentle. I have complete trust in him and would recommend anyone who needs help to see him. Thank you Dr. Ken for your patience and compassion.
Angela M.

Excellent Visit First visit I was provided with all the information and tools that I needed to deal with the consequences of a vehicle collision that wasn’t my fault. An overall excellent experience.

Steven S.
Felt Comfortable My first experience with a chiropractor years ago was not a pleasant one so when I came to Dr Chan I told him about it and he took the time to explain things and make me feel comfortable. I really appreciate being listened to and I look forward to working with Dr Chan to heal my back!
Cheyenne B.
Fabulous Doctor and Staff Dr. Chan and his staff are all fabulous! I was very nervous about going to see a chiropractor, but Dr. Chan made me feel at ease. One thing is I find sometimes when you see specialists, they try and rush you through the appointment, but he was very thorough and explained everything. Also Kim is wonderful to deal with; whether it be to make an appointment or making sure you are covered by your benefits!
Sabrina C.

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